Alberto Arietti - Krav Maga Training

Alberto Arietti


  • President of Krav Maga Training
  • KMT 5° level International Instructor
  • Ju Jitsu instructor
  • Specialization courses in civil and military / operational counter-terrorism techniques held by the instructor of the French Commandos de l’Air (French Special Forces) Jerome Roesch
  • Knife vs knife expert
  • Kapap expert
  • Instructor in training courses for Security Officers at TSS Brescia, an accredited structure in the Lombardy Region for the issue of qualifications valid throughout the National Territory.
  • Expert in Key Defender and self-rescue tools in general
  • Instructor of Woman Self Defense
  • Instructor of Third party Protection (V.I.P.)
  • Alberto Arietti became Karate black belt in 1977, with President of the examining commission Hiroshi Shirai, and in the presence of the commissioner and master Taiji Kase (direct student of the founder of Karate Shotokan master Funakoshi).
  • Karate black belt (3rd Dan)
  • Karate practice for half a century