Luca Arietti - Krav Maga Training

Luca Arietti


  • Adviser and Technical Commissioner of Krav Maga Training
  • KMT 5° level International Instructor
  • Ju Jitsu instructor member of A.S.C.
  • Specialization courses in civil and military / operational counter-terrorism techniques held by the instructor of the French Commandos de l’Air (French Special Forces) Jerome Roesch
  • Knife vs knife expert
  • Kapap expert
  • MMA athlete and Ground Combat expert (Pretorians Fight Team athlete)
  • He has been practicing martial arts since the age of 7, former FESIKA athlete (practiced since 1995)
  • Karate expert



  • Advanced weight training preparation and skills (bodybuilding and functional training)
  • Advanced bodyweight workout preparation and skills (athletics, calisthenics training and fitness)
  • Advanced knowledge of sports nutrition and dietetics