The Krav Maga Training Camp 2017 was held in Gandellino (BG) – Italy, on Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of July 2017; there were three full-immersiive days dedicated to training, deepening of techniques and use of various tools for self defense.

Many instructors took turns in teaching a variety of topics: self defense techniques against unarmed attackers, multiple aggressors, ground combat, defense against knife, stick and firearms attacks, physical and psychological conditioning, use of different objects and much more.

The Krav Maga Training Staff congratulates all participants and thanks the instructors: Alberto Arietti, Luca Goffi, Luca Arietti, Daniele Romiti, Nicola Pedrali and Michele Circelli.

The Krav Maga Training Team also congratulates the new KMT instructors Federica Scalvini, Laura Arietti and Charlie Baldacchino.